Dominica Highlighted in Travel + Leisure’s 50 Best places to Travel in 2020

Whether you are raveling solo or planning a family vacation…what makes a place worth visiting? A show-stopping new hotel? A once-in-a-lifetime celebration? A critical mass of game – changing restaurants? For definite answers on the best vacation spots, Travel + Leisure hit the books, scouring statistics, scoping major events, chartering new flight routes and logging hotel debuts.

The result is a list of must-visit vacation destinations, and with something to suit every interest — food, shopping, culture, history, and nature — one is bound to spark your wanderlust. Dominica, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean was featured as one of the 50 best places to travel in 2020. Dominica is described as a 290-square-mile teardrop outdoorsy traveler’s oasis, claiming 365 rivers, 300 miles of hiking trails, a dozen waterfalls, and the world’s second-largest hot spring. With newly opened and emerging resorts, visitors will find the trek to this “Nature Island” utterly worth it. The game-changer is the Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, which debuted in October and claims to be the first five-star hotel in a destination better known for landscapes than luxury. The resort has 151 rooms and suites; three restaurants; a massive spa, offering mud baths sourced from one of the island’s 10 volcanoes; and a bar called Rumfire, Winkingly called a “barmacy,” where you can sample more than 30 “bush rums” — homemade spirits infused with medicinal herbs, spices, or fruit. However, it is not just Kempinski that’s betting on Dominica. Wellness resort Jungle Bay, destroyed when Hurricane Maria careened through the island in 2017, relocated from Délices to Soufrière and reopened last fall. Secret Bay, a clutch of luxury treehouse villas, is also back in business after the storm. Anichi Resort & Spa, an Autograph Collection project, is scheduled to debut on Picard Beach later this year.

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