Dominican Cuisine is in for a pleasant surprise!

Caribbean gastronomy is one of the richest in the world!

The history of our islands from the pre-Columbian period through colonization and today’s globalization gives us an undeniable advantage. From Africa, Asia and Europe, the Caribbean is at the center of worldwide gastronomy. Our traditional cuisine is a mix of heritage and modernity that we often ignore the origins of.

It is this heritage that Smiles wishes to highlight through a creative cuisine, tasty, open to the world but resolutely Caribbean. Its first restaurant, Manicou by Smiles located in the heart of Manicou River Guesthouse in Tanetane opens its doors from Friday to Sunday for your breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Its Chef, Martiniquais, Marc Lesdema and his team are waiting for you to discover unique dishes such as cucumber and smoke herring cheesecake.

Marc likes to play with spices and flavors. After a long career in the digital sector he returned to his first passion cooking by training with the best Chefs. Having traveled a lot, and keen on history, he takes pleasure in introducing us to forgotten flavors. Very involved with its suppliers, he accompanies his farmers in the selection of varieties, goes diving with his fishermen to identify species that he will transform at his table, or has produced original ingredients such as smoked papaya.

Awarded in 2019 by the Gault Millau (second world gastronomic guide) for his work promoting Caribbean cuisine he intends to bring Dominica into a new era of a return to the roots of authentic cuisine!

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