The Adventure Continues on Glassy Trail & Sari Sari Falls hike!


On November 23, 2019, DHTA’s Hikefest, Discover Dominica and Next Level Hikers engaged in a memorable partnership to bring forth the Glassy Trail & Sari Sari Falls hike.

The day began for most, well before the allotted time at 6 AM. Hikers must have been up as early as 4 AM getting themselves prepared for the tough journey ahead. After leaving their homes and arriving at the gathering point at the Prevost Cinemall, they would have been greeted by Kevin Francis of DHTA who managed attendance & registration. The day was expected to produce good weather although in the early morning, it was partly cloudy.
Nigel K. Francis, leader of the next level hikers gave a brief introduction and directed the hikers to the buses. And we were off. Buses left Roseau at about 6:45 AM am was en route to Beotica to do the Glassy Trail. Early scares occurred when we passed Pont Casse and were greeted by heavy showers. The anxiety of knowing that the Sari Sari hike is a river trail and that it and heavy showers do not mix. Showers soon disappeared and at about 8:15 AM we were in Beotica.
In light drizzle, the crowd was addressed and a senior member of the next level hikers, Channon Christian gave the safety tips to adhere to while at Glassy Pointe. Most importantly, stay away from the edges and where the waves come in. That was all before a group photo was taken. Also, we learnt in the opening address that Glassy got its name because it resembled the drying area for coffee on the slave owner plantations which had the same name. Additionally, it was a major commerce centre for the East as small boats were tied at the point and were used to bring produce to larger ships anchored off shore as well as receive goods. Thirdly, some used it as a way to access the West Coast via boat before the roads were built. The only other solution would have made the long journey up to Grand Fond, pass through the Chemin Letang (Lake Road), Enter Laudat and then walk down the valley to Roseau. Lastly, the Glassy pointe was formed as a result of pyroclastic flow from an eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano which is in the vicinity of Beotica.
The walk towards Glassy Pointe was an enthusiastic one. Chants were being done all along. For example after one says D.D.A, the perfect response was D.H.T.A. Likewise, Next Level was followed up with a loud shout, Hikers. After a 30 minute walk, we were exposed to the Atlantic Ocean from the safety of the rock formation. Breathtaking scenes could be witnessed from all sides. A few pools stood out in the lava flow as well as an islet that can be seen just off shore.
Socializing, selfie taking and relaxation were some of the things that happened before we went back up the trail. With a head count of 34, we boarded the buses and made our way to Sari Sari Falls. A ‘pit stop’ was much needed before the start of the trail and we did so when we arrived at La Plaine. Hikers stocked up on food and drinks while some took bathroom breaks.
Getting to the start if the trail was relatively easy. Before we started trekking we learnt that Sari Sari is a name derived from the Kalinago word ‘Ari’. Ari means tooth and Sari was most likely referred to by that name because of the many rock like formations around the falls that resemble human teeth.
The hike started with a walk down to the river then followed by steady climb up river. As you can imagine, hikers scrambled on their butts, climbed rocks, jumped over stones and used all the nature around them as support to make it to the end. If you’ve never done a hike through the river, it is arduous to say the least.
At the end of all of that, we were greeted by powerful plunges of cascading water. Sari Sari Falls was at her strongest. Marveled by such a spectacle, a few hikers made it to the pool beneath the falls where the hikers enjoyed the experience.
However, what goes up must come down. And we had to find our way back down to the river. Although, it was much easier doing so than coming up. Hikers were satisfied at the end and could now fill their Official Trail Hiker’s Log book and passport which they received at the start of the day. The passport is a book created by Paul Crask for the Discover Dominica Association which features a number of Dominican sites. Upon visiting those sites, hikers can visit numerous locations to have their passports stamped. The DHTA office located in the 2nd floor of the Prevost Cinemall is one of those many locations.
As 2019 draws to an end, we urge you to keep an eye out for upcoming hikes. Come along with us for another exciting experience.
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