DSC Tourism students to Attend One-Year Canada-Caricom Leadership Exchange Program

Jamescia George [Hospitality Studies Major] and Josefani Bello-Feliz [Tourism Studies Major] will be leaving the country at the end of August to attend the Nova Scotia Community College in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Both students were selected by the College to continue their courses and do internships in the field of Hospitality, at Hotels in Canada.

The students who will represent the sixth batch of students who have been selected to participate in that program since its inception in a partnership negotiated by President of the College. They were selected based on specific criteria including excellent Grade Point Averages, (GPA) outstanding interpersonal and communication skills and participation in community and college co-curricular activities.

The students selected are to participate in the Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarships program which is facilitated through institutional collaborations and student exchange agreements between Canadian institutions and institutions in the CARICOM. These agreements are created between colleges, technical or vocational institutions and universities.

This program has sponsored students from around the region including ten from the Division of Tourism & Hospitality Studies of the Dominica State College, over the last five years.

Director of the Division, Ms. Katie Julien stated that, “we at the Division of Hospitality and Tourism and the entire college community are elated that two of our students were successful in attaining this highly competitive scholarship award for the sixth consecutive year. They will meet the other two students who went up last year [Shania Charles and Kayanna Robinson] who are currently engaged in their Internship Attachment at hotels in Nova Scotia, in order to complete their course of studies. Those two students will bring the total to twelve of our students who have and will be attending the Arkerley Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College for one year, to complete their course of studies for the degree in Business Tourism & Hospitality Management.”

The President of the College, Dr. Donald Peters stated that “this agreement between the DSC and Canadian institutions have provided unique but important and valuable opportunities for our students in our Hospitality program to acquire international hands-on experience and training. He further stated that “my goal however is to negotiate more opportunities for more students to benefit, particularly in the other technical and Building trades programs.”

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