The Impact of the Digital Landscape on Hospitality Industries – DHTA ACTalks a success!

In a region where hospitality industries are ubiquitous, and in a time where the industry is undergoing some of the most profound changes in its history, hospitality players in Dominica are preparing to take advantage of the new opportunities.

Without a doubt, the fusion of travel, hospitality and technology has transformed the way we plan vacations. More people are opting to use google maps, review blogs and other applications on their smart devices to navigate their travel experience. To be successful, hoteliers, restaurateurs and other stakeholders must be open to using a variety of tech-tools to ensure customer satisfaction and approval from travellers.

“This single action – the move to be commence ready, can determine members’ bounce rates, conversions, bookings and overall long-term success,” Executive Vice President of the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA) Kevin A Francis noted.

To assist members with the move, the DHTA held its first ACT Talk of 2019 under the theme: ‘How the digital landscape & e- commerce are redefining the hospitality industry’.

SALT Dominica and Citrus Creek, two members who have already embraced the shift to the digital landscape presented on their use of e-commerce technology. The most successful digital player on island, Hotel the Champs also presented about the use of their online booking engine. There was also a presentation form the Association Platinum Corporate partner, CW business FLOW that spoke to the prevailing tech trends in the industry and how CW business FLOW can help members take advantage with their suit of business solutions.

“We are interested in working with Hotel the Champs to help the membership understand the value of using a booking engine. Collaboration with Hans Schielders, “free to book”, and the public sector will increase awareness for the push and offer practical, affordable solutions to take full advantage of the digital space.” Francis added. “It is important to show the membership real working examples of others who are doing a great job of managing their digital presence.”

The DHTA and partners are committed to working with every member and non-member to ensure that they understand how important this is. A total of four ACT talks are planned for 2019 and will focus on different, relevant topics affecting the industry.


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