DHTA & DDA partner with International Tourism Organization to Observe Caribbean Wellness Month

ROSEAU, Dominica (September 26, 2023) - In observance of Caribbean Wellness Month, celebrated annually in September, the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA), Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) and Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW) collaborated to deliver a free talk to stakeholders on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

This year’s observance was guided by the theme: “Preserving the Workforce”. Focus was placed on adult health “while reiterating the need to help curb the burden non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have on the work force. This includes NCDs contribution to illness, absenteeism and sick leave” President of WTW and seminar facilitator, Camille Hoheb noted.

“For the past decade or so, NCDs have been the leading cause of death in Dominica, and that concerns us. We want our members to know what they need to avoid to prevent the onset of NCDs and how to manage their lives in a way that promotes longevity,” stressed DHTA Executive Vice President, Kevin A. Francis.

The event was facilitated through a webinar and discussion took shape in a traditional round table approach.

During her presentation, Hoheb explained the importance and benefits of a healthy lifestyle, outlined the major factors contributing to NCD’s and their long term effects. She also went on to described how to avoid these factors and encouraged participants to take charge of their diet, sleep cycle and exercise routine to improve their quality of life.

Participants were also taught the importance of positive thinking and how it affects total functioning. Ikigai, a Japanese concept that helps people identify their life’s purpose by finding a middle ground between passion, vocation, mission and profession, was also explored in detail.

Mr. Francis commented that “Partnering with WTW and DDA was a great way for us to promote Caribbean wellness month and a healthy lifestyle among our membership and industry. As the nature isle we should be leading in wellness, longevity and healthy living. We hope to continue to partner with DDA and WTW to promote healthy living!”

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