The clean up of Roseau continues

The Roseau City Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism & Culture and the Ministry of Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management & Urban Renewal is currently undertaking an extensive cleanup of Roseau.

This project is an expansion of the work done post-Maria to clean up the city and restore public and private sector activity in Roseau.

Phase one of the clean-up is focused primarily on clearance of abandoned lots, drains and culverts, and derelict vehicles within the city.

This is expected to improve health and safety, help mitigate against flooding risks, and enhance the aesthetics of the city. This ongoing clean-up complements the ongoing works to dredge the Roseau River and the Roseau Enhancement project.

The Roseau City Council is in the process of contacting the owners of vacant lots and abandoned properties to discuss the maintenance and utilization of available lots.

Phase two includes the installation of fifty (50) 45g litter bins around the city of Roseau. The bins have been placed at strategic high traffic areas to curb indiscriminate dumping of litter around the city. The public is urged to utilize the bins for disposal of litter (small consumable items such as styrofoam, plastics, paper, bottles etc). Residential and Commercial waste should not be disposed of in the litter bins.

An abandoned lot that was cleaned up

Additionally, the Government and the Roseau City Council are currently rolling out plans for improved waste management, signage, improved sidewalks and drainage, and the establishment of green spaces within the city of Roseau.

It is expected that these improvements will enhance the experience for cruise and stayover visitors to Roseau and benefit all locals who traverse the city on a daily basis.

The general public is urged to cooperate with the various agencies during this ongoing project.

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