Survey Launched to Understand the Views of Residents of Dominica on Vaccination

Roseau, August 12, 2023 - The Discover Dominica Authority, the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce, and the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association seeks to understand the views of the general public in Dominica about vaccination through this survey.

Participants will be able to share if they have been vaccinated or not vaccinated against the coronavirus. Vaccinated participants can share the type of vaccine taken, side effects felt after being vaccinated, as well as effects they may be currently experiencing.  

Participants who have not taken the vaccine are able to share their reasons for not being vaccinated. Should there be a desire for more information, participants are invited to indicate the same. 

All views matter! As such, all residents of Dominica are encouraged to participate in this survey at

The partners remind all to continue to adhere to the protocols to minimize the spread of COVID including the washing or sanitizing of hands, wearing of mask, and physical distancing. Additionally, the partners encourage all Dominicans to get tested to know their status. For more information on testing, call the COVID Hotline at 448-2151, 448-2153, 448-2156, 611-4325, and 1-800-219.


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