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DHTA is the unified voice of the private sector for tourism in Dominica while effectively communicating issues, proactively advancing positions and successfully protecting and enhancing the industry.



The Association’s advocacy work is directed by six core strategies:
Lead - Assume the leadership role in moving the tourism industry forward and being its champion.
Represent - Engage members and effectively represent their legitimate interests to bring about the right actions and solutions.
Educate - Educate members through relevant communications, workshops and other mediums on issues necessary to move their businesses and the tourism industry forward.
Collaborate - Work with members and other stakeholders to share information, practices and experiences towards enabling more effective decision-making.
Inform - Sensitise all stakeholders and the public on the importance of tourism and the benefits to the economy.
Sustain - Ensure that the Association has the financial and human resources to effectively carry out its vision and strategies.


2017 Advocacy Objectives

Each representative on our volunteer Board of Directors of industry leaders and established operators is elected to a specific portfolio and responsible for advancing the Association’s position and advocacy objectives on related issues.

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