Shop Dominica 2021

Greetings Valued Members and Business Owners,

DAIC continues to support members and the Private Sector in its commitment to advance competitiveness and business opportunities in Dominica. It is in this regard that we encourage you to take advantage of Shop Dominica 2021! 

Shop Dominica 2021 is specially designed to highlight the promotions, discounts, and specials of Chamber Members and the wider Private Sector during the Christmas season. This initiative will run from Monday 13th December 2021 to Friday 24th December 2021.

Considering the success of past initiatives of this nature, Shop Dominica 2021 aims to:

1. Increase gross sales within private sector businesses during Christmas Season

2. Take advantage of the increased number of visitors to Dominica.

3. Develop a “Shopping” brand inside and outside Dominica

4. Promote and Support local businesses and products

5. Create a centralized marketing strategy to boost the visibility of local companies

This initiative is complementary to all DAIC Members. Non-members are able to take part with a contribution of $100.00 EC Dollars. 

Register today to take advantage of exciting business opportunities through Shop Dominica 2021!

For more information, contact us today at 449-1962 or


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