Road Map for Inclusive TVET and Employment Training

Greetings all,

I hope this email finds you well !  Let me take this opportunity to express thanks to you for whatever level of collaboration you or your organization has had with the SkYE programme particularly in promoting and seeking to strengthen TVET in Dominica.

SkYE has engaged various stakeholders and training providers on the question of inclusion of young persons with disabilities within the workforce. SkYE is  seeking to further collaborate and partner with  relevant institutions / stakeholders and looking  for champions from different groups to work with, also recognising the need for more in depth, workshop type events with disability specialists to include activities based on the following:  

·         SkYE’s Programme focus is on the unemployed, underemployed, disadvantaged youth that are unskilled, of which youth with disabilities are a subset. In that regard, the Programme can work to create a legacy in the region by broadening its work to ensure the disability inclusion agenda is expanded and disability is mainstreamed to provide vocational training opportunities for persons with disabilities that are linked to economic activity or productive work.

·         The Skills for Youth Employment (SkYE) Programme mandates a percentage of persons with disabilities must be included in its TVET training agenda and this requirement is creating an avenue for inclusion which can become the new normal for persons with disabilities in the region.

·         The SkYE strategy for disability inclusion seeks to provide a foundation for change and commence a transformative and sustainable shift in training centres and in the workplace. SkYE intends to facilitate the inclusion and empowerment of youth with disabilities to enhance their wellbeing by supporting their transition into training and by extension into the work place.

SkYE is certainly doing whatever is possible to pave the way for full inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWD’s) and looks forward to your continued support in this process. 

In that regard SkYE invites you, or your representative as well as members of your organisation to the next step in the process: The upcoming Consultancy in our series on inclusive training.  The session will be facilitated by Maureen Webber and will begin the week of June 28th. Please see the attached. Brief- Road Map for Inclusive TVET and Employment Training doc. and the schedule doc.

Please inform me of your institution/organisation’s participation by email ASAP, so the link and other necessary information can be sent to you. Provision is made to accommodate twenty (20) persons.

If you are not able to participate, in order to ensure that your institution/organisation is represented, please allow some senior staff or someone in management to represent your institution. 

Schedule of training for Road Map

Brief - Road Map for Inclusive TVET and Employment training

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