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  COVID-19 has dramatically changed the travel marketplace. How quickly and how successfully destinations, hotels and other tourism service providers emerge from the crisis is tied to their ability to adapt to new consumer trends.  

Join Us For a Deep Dive Into Phased-In Strategies for Stimulating Business Activity Over the Coming Months and Beyond.

ENGAGE to understand the shifts in consumer search, shop, purchase and spending patterns shaped by the pandemic.
IDENTIFY market segmentations which best align with your offerings in today’s new marketplace.
GENERATE additional direct revenue with upsells and by monetizing existing business realized through OTAs and tour operators.
EXPLORE successful strategies being undertaken in today’s changed marketplace to generate business in an intensely competitive post-pandemic travel world.

Leading the Discussion Will Be…
Andreas Spycher, Principal – Mastercard Data & Services
David Klippenstein, Government Data & Services lead at Mastercard

Advisors This forum is brought to you by Mastercard Advisors and CHTA. Mastercard data assets enable access to deep understanding of customer behaviors, attitudes and preferences. Mastercard provides unique perspectives on international customers and domestic consumer performance. Mastercard analytics and predictive modelling applies segmented views of spend at different types of merchants. As a result, destinations, hotels and travel operators can invest their marketing funds to more targeted audiences and consumers with a higher propensity to visit and spend.  

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