Ministry of Health Surveillance Database

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Investment in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have developed an electronic database to capture temperature and other COVID-19 related symptoms from guests on a daily basis. This information allows the Ministry to conduct an active surveillance for all guests staying at hotels and guesthouses and detect unusual events/incidences at the earliest.

To date, four (4) training sessions on how to effectively use the system have been held. The sessions were facilitated Peter Ricketts of Open Solutions.

To this end, the Discover Dominica Authority ( DDA) wishes to remind and urge all Safe In Nature and COVID certified properties to log in guest related information onto the database. Please follow the  instructions below to access the system:

Please follow the  instructions below to access the system:

1.      Log in to both the Live server (URL: using the temporary password for your facility

2.      Change the default password using the “change password” instructions found on page 6 of the end-user manual

3.      Use the “Hotelier Test Cases.docx” in the  Hotelier COVID-19 Surveillance Resource Drive to enter practice data on the test server

4.      If you encounter any errors or issues, please refer to “Submit a ticket for assistance” section on page 8 of the end-user manual

If you have not received user credentials, please indicate so the same can be provided to you.


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