Letter from the President: October 16th 2020

Dear Valued Members,

In today’s Weekly Update you will find a short video of last Sunday’s Anou Palay. It was truly a pleasure for me to get such a good opportunity to talk about our challenges and achievements with Honorable Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. Please watch full YouTube video (start at 5:32) and send me your questions and remarks to President@DHTA.org .

I would like to ask you for your understanding and patience in re-launching our tourism industry. I am very well aware that all of us have gone through a long period of financial difficulties. We are all eager to restart our cash flow, and the DHTA is doing all it can to help you.

  • We did achieve approval for the promising concept of the Safe in Nature, Tourism Managed Experience,
  • We have started the DHTA Booking Line for Covid Certified Accommodations at bit.ly/CvdCrtAcc,
  • We are in collaboration 7 days a week with DDA, our Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Health,
  • It is not easy to restart our industry as fast and as complete as we would like but we are trying. 

Everyone in the Ministry of Health has been working at 110% since mid-March and now, we, the tourism industry, are asking for flexibility as their help is important to our success. The Minister of Health understands this.

Please support all the great work the Ministry of Health continues to doduring the pandemic. The collaboration will take time, so please allow for the processing time. We will get there; we are one of the safest countries in the world, thanks to them!

If you are unhappy, frustrated or irritated, talk to us, the DHTA. Together we will make the best of it, under the circumstances.  TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!!

Thank you all in advance.


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