Flights from Dominica with Air Antilles

Air Antilles expands its Caribbean foothold

As part of our development strategy, Air Antilles – a leading Caribbean airline and member of the Caribsky Alliance – is pleased to report the launch of several new routes across the Caribbean region. 
As of 1st August 2020, daily flights will be offered from and to St. Lucia / Barbados / Dominica, aboard our ATR 42 / 72 aircrafts with a seat capacity ranging from 48 to 72 passengers. This flight schedule will soon expand to other Caribbean destinations.

In view of keeping your customers up to date, we encourage you to visit our website, where you will find:

  • The regulatory procedures and health protocol upon entry into each destination served by our company
  • The health protocol applicable aboard our fleet
  • Our flight network updated in real time

The contact details of our representatives in BGI/SLU/DOM

We are delighted to count you amongst our partners and appreciate your continued trust.Team Air Antilles

Air Antilles flight schedule Flights from / to Dominica (Douglas Charles Airport)

Starting 08/08/2023

1 daily flight Dominica > < St. Lucia

  • Departure from St. Lucia at 11:40am – Arrival in Dominica at 12:20pm 
    From 108 USD*
  • Departure from Dominica at 03:20pm – Arrival in St. Lucia at 04:00pm 
    From 60 USD*

1 daily flight Dominica > < Barbados

  • Departure from Dominica at 03:20pm – Arrival in Barbados at 05:10pm 
    From 62 USD*

Departure from Barbados at 10:25am – Arrival in Dominica at 12:20pm 
From 117 USD*

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