The DHTA for the last 9 years, has produced its destination Magazine “Experience Dominica” an essential marketing tool for the destination. Working along with printing and editorial partners, the association has been able to generate revenue on the commissions of the sale of advertising, adding another stream to the association’s cash flow and increase the visibility of its members. Citing the rise of technology in the tourism, and high cost of printing, the Association is exploring the use a digital guide book, through a ready to use digital platform, to serve as the island’s destination guide. Similar to Experience Dominica, the guide book will generate income through the advertising of members, partners and other stakeholders.

The Digital platform Touch Stay is a digital welcome pack enabling vacation rental owners and vacation rental managers to share property and area information with their guests; creating a more personal experience. Some of the key features and uses include:

  1. Supplying of practical and important information and tips about the business and destination
  2. Can be used by individual properties, businesses, Stakeholder entities and NGO’s
  3. Increase visibility with member listings and categories; making a strong argument for increase advertising revenue.
  4. Target advertisers through category listing

The project will focus on the creation, curation and management of a digital guide book that will contain members and stakeholder information, destination information, and key services. 

By taking advantage of this platform Members and other stakeholders will be able to enjoy benefits never previously offered in the industry. Some of these benefits include; decreased Costs - Touch stay will cost significantly less than the alternative of printing a magazine and the manpower and capacity needed to deliver. Increased Flexibility – With touch stay DHTA will be in better control of its content and can make changes as necessary. The Touchstay team is ready to assist, increased Visibility through and intuitive simple to understand platform that is projected to the central information point throughout the industry. Increase conversion through Direct booking functionality: The DHTA, along with DDA and its partners will soon be available for members and stake holders who are part of the ‘Free to Book’ initiative.

During our 50th Annual general meeting, under the theme, “Maintaining competitiveness in a changing tourism landscape”, we identified the adoption of new technology as a driving factor to your success. Today the DHTA is proud to launch the Experience Dominica: The Ultimate guide to the Nature Island.