Dominica Soon to Become second in the Caribbean to Service Biometric Passports

Dominica is to undertake an e-passport project which, it is expected, will enhance the country’s border security features. As of March 2021, the Government will phase out machine-readable passports in favor of the biometric passport (also known as an e-passport, or a digital passport) as stated by the Minister of National Security and Home Affairs, Rayburn Blackmoore.

Blackmoore indicated that the initiative would help officials create a watchlist for persons of interest and more readily and reliably keep officers apprised of information on passengers and cargo entering the country.

The measure is being implemented in an attempt to upgrade and improve the country’s border management system and according to the minister, Dominica will be one of the few other Caribbean Countries -Bahamas being the first- to undertake such improvement.

With such advancement to the country’s port of entry, Blackmoore is optimistic that this hi-tech upgrade which the system is in dire need of, will undoubtedly brighten the country’s image further in the digital world.

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