‘DHTA’s Certified Booking Line’ is now updated information on UK Travel Advisory

The Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association continues to advocate on behalf of the Tourism Industry. The DHTA Booking Line serves as a tool for visitors to book certified accommodations and take advantage of our Safe in Nature Tourism Managed Experience.

The Booking Line stimulates interest in travel information for coming to the island while providing a central point of information and maximizes the Managed Experience opportunity for all. ‘The Safe in Nature Tourism Managed Experience’ is a ‘Tourism Bubble,’ which allows specific activities for tourists at certified accommodations, within strict protocols approved by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment. The bubble also extends to not just on property activities but also off property land and water-based activities such as hiking, zip-lining, diving and snorkelling.

It offers a direct link to all certified properties taking part in this managed experience, providing safe options of vacationing in Dominica during Covid times. Its details are now mentioned on the UK Embassy Travel Advisory Update, and has since improved its US advisory Rating from 4 to 3.

Please see link for country-specific information of UK travellers.


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