DHTA participates in Multi-Hazard Risk Management Workshop

Caribbean Tourism Organization

From October 26th to 29th, The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) hosted a workshop on the updated Multi-Hazard Risk Management Guide for the Caribbean Tourism Sector. The Guide provided frameworks, guidelines, tools and strategies to prepare for, respond to and recover from various types of hazards. These can including climate hazards such as hurricanes and storms, health-related hazards including pandemics, and other manmade or natural hazardous events such as fires, earthquakes, volcanoes and others.

The training was attended by Association’s Executive Vice President, Mr Kevin A Francis. “The training was indeed timely and served as a great reinforcement of the Disaster Risk Reduction lessons learnt after the passage of Hurricane Maria. Our members have sustained significant shock”. Other participants included past DHTA President Yvonne Armour, representatives from the Discover Dominica Authority, Ministry of Tourism and National Met office.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Business Continuity Planning has been identified nationally as a key area for capacity development as the effects of climate change become increasingly worse. The association plans on using the techniques taught in this, and similar, training to pass lessons learnt to the members and partners. Together with other private sector stakeholders, the association will be able to ensure sustainable business models for the members.

In its Quarterly General Meeting, the association outlined Business Continuity Planning as a priority area in its 2-year strategic plan. The association plans to use its well-received ACTalks forum as a series of “hands-on” workshops to produce a business continuity plan that is tailored to each member and easy to implement. The membership can expect more information about business continuity planning workshops in the coming quarter.

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