DHTA Launches #KeepUsSafenNature Campaign

Following the response from DHTA to DDA and Government regarding the recommendations to reduce the number of Safe in Nature certified accommodations, DHTA and the Safe In Nature property owners have launched a hashtag campaign #KeepUsSafeInNature.

The words Keep Us in front of Safe In Nature have a double meaning:

* First of all it indicates what the visitors to the island want. They want to feel safe during their visit to the Nature Island, and the that’s exactly what all the SIN properties are trying to do
* Second, ALL the Safe in Nature Certified Accommodations who have invested lots time, efforts, and money into getting and keeping that certification and into adapting to the many changes have taken place. ALL these proprietors want to KEEP their SIN certification.

The Safe in Nature program is a HUGE success, as it has kept returning Dominicans, visitors and local staff and communities safe, and has prevented outbreaks or transmission of COVID-19 on the properties and in the communities.
Ministry of Heath has been doing a wonderful job in protecting Dominica from COVID-19. This has been a joint effort involving all of the local quarantine accommodations, DDA, certified drivers, and certified tour guides who have all been working extremely hard to ensure guests and staff follow the protocols to keep Dominica safe. No one Ministry nor sector could have accomplished this alone.

DHTA is a calling on all who want to help us to Keep Us Safe In Nature to start using the hashtag #KeepUsSafeInNature in ALL your social media posts.

Use this link to see many, many examples of FB posts using the hashtag: https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/keepussafeinnature

The more, the merrier. We want to Keep our Nature Island safe. Use the hashtag #KeepUsSafeInNature.

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