Booking Line Developments

When approached with the challenges of getting more visitors into Covid certified properties, the DHTA’s response was the development of The DHTA booking line. This tool uses the property management software “FreeToBook” along with the association’s online guidebook “Experience Dominica” coming together to provide an easy and effective way for visitors to book more Covid Certified accommodation. From its inception, we have made steady progress towards launching a professional final product that we can be proud of as a destination.

The Board of Directors is happy to announce that The DHTA Booking line has entered into a collaboration with the Discover Dominica Authority. In this collaboration, DDA will be employing information officers who will, not only answer questions, but also assist those visitors who want to change their accommodation from the Government Quarantine to Safe in nature. This is great news!


What does this mean for you the certified property?

This collaboration gives the association another gateway to channel visitors into your certified accommodation. This is a great opportunity for you and your business!
For those properties who do not have FreeToBook as their primary system or allow the association to manage your bookings, your “stop sell / available forms” becomes EVEN MORE important. In order to avoid missing out on bookings we are calling on all certified properties on the booking line to ensure that their availability is always up to date.

More information on the progress of this collaboration will be given in a subsequent update.

Please feel free to visit the service on: If you would like to learn more about the DHTA booking line please call +1 (767) 615-0551 or email

Your partner in Safety
Kevin A Francis

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