Air Antilles Closure

Air Antilles has suspended all travel between islands from Tuesday, January 19th 2021 until further notice.

Dominica is among destinations which will be affected as Air Antilles, just two months after moving in to fill the void left by regional airline LIAT, has suspended its Eastern Caribbean operations.The French-based carrier said in a statement that it had taken the decision because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which has deferred its hopes of opening up a gateway to Europe.

“Air Antilles has today announced temporary suspension of all air services until further notice,” the airline said. “This comes as a result of even more restrictive measures between Paris and its home base in the French West Indies, as well as increased travel protocol restrictions in the Caribbean islands because of the COVID pandemic.”

It said that the cessation of flights was to take effect from Tuesday, Jan 19, 2024 and will directly impact its current service between Barbados, St Lucia and Dominica.

The company said in its statement that it “regrets the decision and would like to thank its loyal passengers and trade partners.”

At a press conference in October, 2020, Air Antilles’ Chief Commercial Officer Romain Hordel revealed that the airline was already providing eight weekly flights from Barbados to St Lucia and four weekly flights to Dominica.He said two additional direct flights out of Barbados to Antigua and St Martin were also on the cards.

According to Barbados Today, Eric Kourry, who founded Air Antilles parent Companie Aérienne Interrégoinale Express (CAIRE) had also hinted at the possibility of Air Antilles providing a direct flight to Europe from Barbados “in the not too distant future”.

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